Pet Grooming

Grooming Services

At Doggie Diva’s Bed Bark & Beyond we offer only the best grooming services for your pets.  All groomers at our facility are certified from accredited grooming schools and have decades of combined experience.

Call to set up an appointment with us to get your pet a full groom (haircut) or the bath and brush out (no haircut).

Pet Grooming


Tuesday & Thursdays Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Closed All Holidays.

Our Services:

Type of Pet Grooming Bath & Brush Out
Small Dogs (under 20 lbs.)
$40.00 and up
$25.00 and up
Medium Dogs (21 - 49 lbs.)
$45.00 and up
$35.00 and up
Large Dogs (50 - 90 lbs.)
$55.00 and up
$45.00 and up
Extra Large Dogs (over 90 lbs.)
$70.00 and up
$50.00 and up
$50.00 and up
* Prices may vary depending on the combination of size and coat.

Additional Services:

Pick-Up Pick-Up
Nails Clipped
Nails Filed
Nails, Ears, and Teeth
Anal Glands Expressed
Teeth Brushed Only
Oatmeal Bath
$5.00 and up
Flea Dip
Small Dog: $7.00, Medium Dog: $12.00,
Large Dog: $15.00, Extra Large Dog: $20.00
Nails Painted
$15.00 and up
* Walk-ins are accepted for nails only.
Please Note: We will not groom pets while in heat. Proof of current rabies vaccination must be provided prior to service.